Jun 16, 2014

V8259 Claire Shaeffer's CHANEL style jacket sources for the pattern

One of the most desired patterns, at least by me, was Claire Shaeffer's V8259 CHANEL style jacket.
The pattern itself, of course, is important, but even more was the text that came with it. Claire's couture patterns are a great source for a step by step guide, on couture assembly of the garment.

Every time the pattern appeared on ebay the price was unbelievable.
Tried to find somebody that can draft it, without a result too...
One day I was looking for some vintage designs on an ebay shop vintagepatternshop, she sells "Professional Digitally Reproduced" copies of vintage patterns. So I thought to ask her if she's interested in coping this pattern too. After a conversations with Sonny, she agreed that its an interesting pattern. I have my copy now, so if you like to have one too, here is the link V8259

Another source is Danielle Ward that has all the sizes of that patter, she wrote "If you are looking for a copy of this pattern let me know and I may be able to help you out."

If you know another source for the pattern, please leave a comment here. This might help somebody.
I'll try to update this page if I'll find a new source too.

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